Streamlining Collaboration Across Platforms: Integrating SharePoint & Google Drive with Jira & Confluence

In your day-to-day work, you've likely relied on cloud storage as an external storage tool for team collaboration. As your team increasingly relies on Confluence and Jira for project management and documentation, integrating these platforms with cloud storage solutions like Google Drive, SharePoint, etc., has become more crucial than ever.

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An ideal scenario would be to reduce the need to switch between multiple platforms to find the files you need. This article will explore the tangible benefits of integrating SharePoint and Google Drive with Jira and Confluence to manage your files and documentation. We'll show you how this integration can help your team streamline workflows, boost productivity, and foster a more collaborative work environment.

Why Is Cloud Integration Important?

Imagine seamlessly connecting the dots between your project management tools and your cloud storage solutions. Here's how it directly impacts you and your team:

Centralized File Management: A Single Source of Truth

Say Goodbye to File Duplication: How many times have you stumbled upon multiple versions of the same file on different platforms? With integrated cloud storage, there's only one version, one source of truth.

Enhanced Accessibility: Your Workspace, Anywhere

Work Without Borders: Whether you're sipping coffee at your local café or catching up on work from home, the ability to access and collaborate on files anytime and anywhere is so insanely convenient.

Streamlined Workflows: A Smoother Journey to Completion

Efficiency at Its Best: Imagine cutting down the time spent switching between platforms and searching for those elusive files. Integrating cloud storage with project management tools means a smoother overall workflow.

Improved Collaboration: Together, Better

Real-Time Collaboration: The power to co-author and edit documents in real-time with your teammates brings a new level of collaboration to your projects. It’s about bringing ideas together in a fast and effective manner.

Improved Security: Peace of Mind

Protected Work: Imagine the relief that comes with knowing your projects are under the vigilant watch of top-tier security. Leveraging the robust security measures of cloud storage platforms means your hard work is protected.

Use Cases of SharePoint and Google Drive Integration with Confluence and Jira

For Software Development Teams

With cloud storage integration, you can attach your design documents, requirements specifications, and user manuals stored in SharePoint or Google Drive directly to Jira issues. This means your developers can access all the relevant documentation they need without the hassle of switching between platforms.

For Companies with Diverse Departments

Different departments within your company may use SharePoint and Google Drive independently. But when it comes time to consolidate and collaborate on work, integrating these cloud storage platforms with Confluence and Jira brings everything together seamlessly.

For Project Managers

As a project manager, centralizing all your project plans, timelines, and resource allocation documents in one unified repository is the best way to skin a cat. With everything accessible in one place, managing and tracking your projects becomes a breeze.

For Team Documentation

Think about being able to store, organize, and share a wide range of documents directly within Confluence pages. Whether it’s meeting notes, project outlines, or key resources —- having everything organized and easily accessible makes everyone’s lives easier.

For Bug Tracking and Development

When a bug is reported in Jira, your developers can quickly access relevant code snippets, error logs, or any other indicator results stored in SharePoint or Google Drive. This immediate access to necessary information speeds up the debugging process and helps maintain the quality of your software.

For Cross-Functional Collaboration

Facilitating cross-functional collaboration between different teams within your organization becomes much smoother. Integrating these platforms means everyone, regardless of their department, can collaborate effectively within a unified environment.

Exploring Existing Integration Options

Atlassian's Native Integrations with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive

Atlassian steps up to the plate with native integrations for Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, offering a straightforward way to bring your documents into your project management tools.

These integrations cover the essentials but may leave you wanting more, especially if your workflow thrives on dynamic collaboration and complex file management.

Google Drive for Confluence

This free app allows you to attach and preview files stored in Google Drive directly within Confluence pages.

However, it's primarily focused on linking to files, which might not suffice for all your collaborative and organizational needs. Plus, it's optimized for the Legacy Editor, which might not align with everyone's usage preferences.

Enter Team Files by ikuTeam

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution to seamlessly bridge the gap between your cloud storage and Atlassian tools? Team Files by ikuTeam is designed to do just that, integrating SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Egnyte with Jira and Confluence.

Key Features Tailored for You

  • Advanced Layout Options: Define files and folder layout with complete control of how they appear on pages and issues.
  • Search Capabilities: Search attached files and folders from the Confluence search bar.
  • Preview and Edit: Preview and edit cloud storages’s embedded files and native attachments in Confluence and Jira.
  • Automation for Jira: Automate the creation and attachment of folders to new Jira issues.
  • Full File Manager: Manage files and folders, including uploading, renaming, and deleting, directly within Jira and Confluence.
  • Administrative Controls: Replicate cloud storage permissions in Jira or Confluence. Admins can determine who can use the app, which projects/spaces can access it, and more.
  • Multi-Cloud Storage Support: Connect to multiple cloud storage providers, including Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, and Egnyte.
  • Replicate Cloud Storage Permissions: With one click, admins can replicate cloud storage permissions in Jira or Confluence to control who can use the app and access specific projects or spaces. This prevents any accidental exposure of sensitive reports shared from platforms like SharePoint to unauthorized users.

To learn more about Team Files and our extensive range of features, visit our page here.

Alternatives and Their Limitations

While there are plenty of other options out there, it's important to understand their limitations first before jumping the gun on which solution is best for you.

  • Hecker’s Cloud-Only App: Integrates Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides with Jira issues but lacks file management capabilities and integration with Microsoft Office 365.
  • Server/Data Center Apps by Appfire/ServiceRocket and Elitesoft: Support only Google Drive for Confluence and lack integration with Microsoft Office 365. Files can only be edited using the Google Drive editor.
  • SharePoint Connector by Communardo: Embeds Confluence pages in SharePoint but lacks robust file management and admin settings.
  • Apps+ Solutions: Cloud-only solutions that attach only files (not folders) to pages and issues, requiring different apps for multi-cloud support.
  • Bilith’s Apps for Confluence/Jira: Support various platforms but are not cloud-fortified and lack key file management and admin features. Multi-cloud support requires multiple apps.

Comparison of Integration Solutions

To help you make an informed decision, the following table provides a comprehensive comparison of the various integration solutions discussed:

Team Files
by ikuTeam
Cloud-Only App
Server/Data Center Apps Communardo's
SharePoint Connector
Apps+ Solutions Bilith's Apps
Cloud Storage IntegrationCloud Storage Integration Google Drive SharePoint OneDrive Dropbox Box Egnyte Google Drive Google Drive SharePoint Various platforms, multi-cloud needs multiple apps Various platforms, not cloud-fortified, multi-cloud needs multiple apps
File ManagementFile Management Uploading, renaming, deleting files and folders Lacks file management capabilities Lacks file management capabilities Lacks robust file management Lacks file management capabilities Lacks key file management capabilities
Office 365 IntegrationOffice 365 Integration YES No No YES YES YES
Administrative ControlAdministrative Controls YES, including permission replication and project/space control No No No No No
Preview and Edit AttachmentsPreview and Edit Attachments YES No No No No No
Automation for JiraAutomation for Jira YES No No No No No
Advanced Layout OptionsAdvanced Layout Options YES No No No No No
Search CapabilitiesSearch Capabilities YES No No No No No

Bottom Line

In today's fast-paced work environment, integrating cloud storage platforms with Jira and Confluence is no longer considered a luxury, but rather, a necessity for modern team collaboration.

By bridging these systems, you can centralize file management, streamline workflows, and unlock a host of other benefits that make your team's job easier and more efficient.

Choosing the Right Solution

When considering integration options, it's important to assess your team’s specific needs. Native integrations provided by Atlassian offer a good starting point, but for those seeking something a little more comprehensive, Team Files is a standout option.

Team Files seeks to meet the demands of the modern workspace by providing a comprehensive set of features such as:

  • Advanced Collaboration Tools: From real-time collaboration to full file management capabilities.
  • Multi-Cloud Support: Connect to multiple cloud storage providers, including Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, and Egnyte.
  • Enhanced Security: Team Files allows you to replicate your cloud storage permissions with one click in Jira or Confluence. Admins can also determine who can use the app, which projects/spaces can access it, and more.

Ready to take your team’s collaboration to the next level? Discover how Team Files can revolutionize your workflow. Explore our features, book a demo, and see for yourself how it can make a difference in your daily operations.

June 21, 2024

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