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Team Files App as an SSOT for Confluence/Jira Documentation

Do you use Confluence and Jira to collaborate and share files and documents with your team? Do you upload, download, edit, and upload again and again to change a file? Do you also have those same files stored on SharePoint (or Google Drive, or OneDrive or Dropbox, etc.)? Do you struggle to keep track of the latest version of a file? Is it the one on Confluence? On SharePoint? Or is it the one attached to yet another email thread? Does all this sound familiar? Keep reading; this white paper is for you.

By Wikipedia definition “in information systems design and theory, single source of truth (SSOT) is the practice of structuring information models and associated data schema such that every data element is mastered (or edited) in only one place.”

Although the concept might seem simple, it might not be easy to implement when you work with big and overlapping teams, spread across multiple locations, and using different digital systems for collaboration.

Why does a Single Source of Truth matter to your company?

They use Confluence and Jira Cloud, with "non-conventional projects and teams with special requirements that needed customizations." R&D scientists at Biokit are writing all their observations and document all the results. According to him, "It was not enough to simply attach them to pages.", so he entered the Marketplace looking for a solution.

Your team and files on the same page

Team Files: The best way to attach files and folders to pages and issues

Download our white paper and learn about all the SSOT benefits for your organization and productivity and how to implement it easily with Confluence/Jira and Team Files.

Mar 31, 2020