What is the best file collaboration solution for Confluence and Jira?

Attaching files to Confluence pages and Jira issues directly from cloud storage requires additional capabilities provided by apps currently available in the Atlassian Marketplace, such as Team Files.

Considering there are different apps available to help you attach files and connect folders to Confluence and Jira, we've compiled all you need to know to help you choose the best app for your needs.

Why we believe you'll love Team Files:

It creates a single source of truth between your cloud storage and the Atlassian platform with multi-cloud storage support.

It's a complete app with a full bidirectional file manager and an Office suite for Confluence and Jira.

Has advanced permissions and access configuration to fit any company structure or needs.

It's continuously evolving with new ideas and hearing our customers' needs. See our public roadmap.

It includes comprehensive Admin settings.

Top rated app with a dedicated support team and fast response time.

What Team Files does

We developed Team Files to ensure your team and files are on the same page, creating a single source of truth connecting folders from several cloud storages and attaching files to Confluence pages and Jira issues.

With Team Files, you will be able to enhance your Confluence and Jira as follows:

  • NEW Advanced Layout options: Define files and folders layout with complete control of how they appear on pages and issues.
  • NEW Search attached files and folders from the Confluence search bar.
  • NEW Preview and edit Jira native attachments.
  • NEW Automate the creation and attachment of folders to new Jira issues.
  • Attach files and folders from your preferred cloud storage without duplicating them. The Atlassian platform and the cloud storage are always in sync.
  • Upload files: easily drag & drop files to an attached folder, and they are uploaded to the original cloud folder and not stored in Confluence/Jira.
  • Perform unlimited attachments: no worries about Atlassian limits or same file storage double payment.
  • Preview documents: constantly updated live preview of attached files.
  • Browse folders: navigate the attached folders to see files and subfolders (your full cloud storage tree is available in Confluence/Jira).
  • Have files always on the latest version: once edited, the file updates everywhere.
  • Collaborate in real-time: team members can work together simultaneously in the same Microsoft Office 365 or Google Docs file.
  • Create new documents: Microsoft Office 365 or Google Docs files.
  • Manage connected folders permissions: who can view the folders, edit content, or download files.
  • Manage files: with a complete file manager, users can navigate folders, create and edit documents, rename, download and upload files.
  • Power to admins: use storage permissions with authentication, select which users and spaces can use the app, and more.

What other apps do

Google Drive for Confluence (Official) and Microsoft OneDrive for Business are free apps from Atlassian. However, they are only available for Confluence cloud and are limited to attaching and previewing files stored in Google Drive and OneDrive/Sharepoint by referencing the file link, respectively. Both are tagged as Legacy Editor Only by Atlassian.

SharePoint Connector for Confluence is an app developed by Communardo Products that performs bidirectional integration embedding Confluence pages in SharePoint but doesn't provide file management capabilities and admin settings. The app is also available for Jira.

Google Drive & Docs for Confluence/Jira, OneDrive & SharePoint for Confluence/Jira, and Box for Confluence/Jira developed by Bilith are available for cloud, server, and data center. Enable users to add live links, folders, and files to Confluence pages using macros. In Jira issues, folders and files are added as links only, without previews. No file management capability is added, nor are admin settings available to Confluence and Jira. For multi-cloud storage support, different apps need to be installed.

Google Drive+ for Confluence/Jira, OneDrive & SharePoint+ for Confluence/Jira, Box+ for Confluence/Jira and Dropbox+ for Confluence/Jira developed by Apps+ are available for cloud only, requires a different app for multi-cloud support and attaches only files (not folders) to pages and issues.

Connector for Google Drive and Confluence is a server/data center app developed by Appfire/ServiceRocket and, as the name says, supports only Google Drive and is only available for Confluence. The same applies to the Elitesoft app: Google Drive Connector for Confluence. No integration with Microsoft Office 365, and such files are edited using Google Drive editor only. Both apps present similar limitations as Bilith's apps regarding file management and admin settings.

Google Doc, Sheet, Slide for Jira from Heckr is cloud-only with no file management nor integration with Microsoft Office 365.

Apps feature comparison at a glance

Core feature
Team Files SharePoint Connector Google Drive;
Microsoft OneDrive for Business
Google Drive & Docs;
OneDrive & Sharepoint;
Integration for Dropbox
Connector for Google Drive Google Drive Connector Google Drive+;
OneDrive & SharePoint+;
Google Doc, Sheet, Slide
ikuTeam Communardo Atlassian Bilith Appfire Elitesoft Apps+ Heckr
Attach to pages/issues
Embed/Attach Files
Connect Folders
Preview Files
Preview Folders/Lists
Browse Folders/Lists
Live Link
Documents features
Preview and edit Jira native attachments
Edit Google Docs
Edit Office 365 Docs
Edit OpenOffice Docs
Create new documents
Advanced features
One-time storage authentication
Complete layout configuration
Search files and folder on Confluence
Automation for Jira
Full File Manager
Admin Settings
Multi-Cloud Storage
For Confluence
For Jira
Cloud Fortified N/A N/A

Getting started

Your team and files on the same page

You can start a free trial of the Team Files app today, available on the Atlassian Marketplace for Confluence and Jira. Setting up is easy, and you'll get the benefits immediately. It's also possible to book a demo to get a personalized app overview and have all your questions answered on the spot.

Do more with your Team Files. Faster.

Note: Team Files enables multi-cloud storage connectivity (Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint & OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, and Egnyte). However, if you need to connect to only one cloud storage provider, you can install other ikuTeam's apps with similar features for single-cloud storage. See our apps available in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Updated in Jul 4, 2023. Originally posted in Dec 02, 2021

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