Use Case

Manage expense reimbursements like a pro

Team Files and Jira Service Management make a powerful combination to process your internal or external requests, helping you resolve support tickets faster.

Reimbursing an expense is maybe one of the most common workflows for HR departments, and here’s an example of how the Team Files app can help you close a ticket faster.

Processing an expense

An employee needs an expense reimbursement. The employee opens a support ticket in Jira Service Management, uploads the invoices, and fills out an expense form. The agent processes the reimbursement and closes the ticket.

The setup

This use case involves an employee and a support agent using Jira Service Management with the Team Files app installed.

The employee opened a support ticket asking for the reimbursement of an expense. The support agent needs to send an expense form for the user to fill out and ask for a receipt.

The support agent needs to save the form and the expense receipt in a specific folder in SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, or other storage.

Step by step guide
  1. The support agent adds the Team Files module to the issue.
  2. The agent selects the “Attach for customer.”
  3. The agent selects a folder to attach to the ticket.
  4. The agent selects the permissions tab and enables the edit permission, and clicks the “Connect” button.
  5. Now back in the issue, the agent uploads the form (an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document for example) by dragging it to the folder.
  6. The agent sends a message to the employee asking for the receipt and filled form.
  7. The employee opens the message and sees the form.
  8. The employee edits the form with the details right from the JSM ticket. No download/upload required.
  9. The employee drags the receipt to the folder in the JSM ticket to upload it.
  10. The employee sends a message after adding the information.
  11. The agent confirms the details and processes the reimbursement.

“Resolve this issue”

After the expense is approved, the form and receipt are already stored in the right storage folder for archiving. No more download/upload files back and forth, and no more duplicates in endless emails. Take advantage of a single source of truth among employees, internal support services, and accounting.

Getting started

The Team Files app is available on the Atlassian Marketplace, and you can start a free trial in a few clicks.

You can also check the Team Files documentation on Attaching files for customers to learn more.

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