Attach Files and Folders in Jira Service Management Projects

Earlier this year, we launched Team Files for Jira. It worked with JSM projects from the beginning, but we all know there's a big difference between compatible and optimized, right? Following a suggestion from Mike Lauricella at the last AppWeek event in Scottsdale, we worked on something tailored for JSM projects. #appsforeveryteam

(side note: we're already missing AppWeek events #buildingbetterrhingstogether #apartbuttogether)

Team Files app in the customer portal

The Team Files app on Jira Service Management projects works the same way as in the regular Jira projects, with some extra features. You can attach files and folders to share knowledge with your team, and now you can also do it for your customers. And you can set permissions too.

Attaching files and folders for customers on an issue

  1. Add the Team Files app to your issue.
  2. Click the "Attach for customer" button.
  3. Team Files app with Attach for customer button highlighted
  4. Browse your connected folders in the Team Files dialog. You can connect folders from SharePoint, Google Drive, and other storage places.
  5. Select the files and folders you want to attach by clicking the checkbox. You'll see them appear on the live preview pane on the right side.
  6. Modal view with selected files and folders with live preview
  7. You can now click the "Customer Permissions" tab to set permissions. By default, customers can't download or edit files attached to the issue. Click the toggle buttons to enable the features.
  8. Click the "Attach" button.

All done. Your attached files and folders are now visible on the issue page and the customer portal.

Team Files app with files and folders attached for customers
Info: Attached files and folders for customers have a white background. In contrast, the ones shared with the team have a light yellow background, to help you distinguish them the same way Jira differentiates messages for the customer and internal notes.

You can attach files and folders to your issues directly from the file manager, accessible from the sidebar, whether it's for your team or customers. You can also, at any moment, remove specific files and folders attached to an issue.

Info: It's also possible to hide the app from your issue view, but please keep in mind that content attached for customers is always visible on the Customer Portal.

That's how you can attach files and folders for your customers with the Team Files app. For more details, please check the full documentation here.

We hope this will be helpful for your teams on JSM projects, and do let us know how we can make it better for you.

Jun 15, 2020