SharePoint Lists Connector for Confluence

Quickly share, embed, and publish SharePoint Online lists in Confluence pages, always in sync with live data.

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Easily share lists with your team

Copy the SharePoint list URL and paste it into the SharePoint Lists macro. That’s it! Your team can now view live data from the list right in Confluence.

Bring lists to your Single Source of Truth

Lists are great for sharing large amounts of data with your team, and with SharePoint Lists, you have everything in one place and always updated.

Customize the layout and the content

You can adjust the data displayed, hide columns, and change the layout to suit your team's needs better.

Native and modern UI

SharePoint Lists provides a familiar UI to control how your list looks and feels on each Confluence page.

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Detailed documentation

In the SharePoint Lists documentation, you can find details to take advantage of all the features provided, including step-by-step guides and screenshots.

Open documentation

World-class support team

If you can’t find what you need, or if you have a feature request, or have a bug to report, you can also contact our support team. We’re always happy to hear from you.

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