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Team Files App Helps Researchers Manage Documentation Amid COVID-19

A few weeks ago, we received feedback from a user on our Jira Service Desk. Although we're fully committed to helping all our customers, this time there was something different.

The feedback came from Ravi, who works at Biokit, a Biotech company based in Barcelona. His team has about a hundred researchers and managers responsible for developing new clinical assays.

People working with biomaterials in a laboratory

The challenge: Attach large amounts of information on Confluence

They use Confluence and Jira Cloud, with "non-conventional projects and teams with special requirements that needed customizations." R&D scientists at Biokit are writing all their observations and document all the results. According to him, "It was not enough to simply attach them to pages.", so he entered the Marketplace looking for a solution.

Team Files: The best way to attach files and folders to pages and issues

Team Files is a great app to attach files and folders to Confluence Pages and Jira issues. Your files and folders are kept in their original location, whether it's on SharePoint, Google Drive, or other storage, so no more duplicates. You can browse the attached folders and preview documents, PDFs, and images. Team Files also includes edit tools to help teams structure information and build a single source of truth.


"We started using the Team Files app to link files and folders that had a huge amount of files containing research data," he says. They love the features set and simple user interface that solves their needs. "Team Files is helping us add structure to Confluence pages that are now being used as one of the sources of scientific documentation."

With Team Files, they can keep all their "files and folders in a single location in SharePoint, while they can be linked in multiple locations in all pages. This also helps us set protocols in terms of how to share files and corresponding data in Confluence."

We've been in touch with Ravi to answer all his questions, as we do with all customers. At some point, he told us "If its any motivation to you and your team (...), our users (scientists) are working on several diagnostics, including COVID-19. So far, users like your app a lot. So, thanks for your indirect contribution to global health."

We look up to everyone working to fight this pandemic, from the people in the front line, giving healthcare and workers that kept everything working, to everyone researching for a cure, as true heroes. As non-essential workers, we couldn't do much more than close down the office and work from home, so we are proud that the app we built is helping in the fight, supporting those who are doing the real work to end the pandemic. With his feedback, we know we're on the right path.

We want to thank Ravi and his team for all their work, in particular, everything to fight COVID-19 and help all of us. At ikuTeam, we'll keep doing everything we can to support your work.

Jun 26, 2020
Originally posted on the Atlassian Community