Use Case

Automate folder creation and attachments on Jira to keep marketing projects organized

Marketing agencies must deliver high-quality content in a timely manner that corresponds to the client's needs. To stay competitive, agencies need to be as efficient as possible. In this use case, we explore how Jira and Team Files automation can help.

Imagine that you work for a marketing agency, and you use Jira to track the progress of your client projects. Whenever a new project is started, you want to create a folder in Google Drive to store all the project-related documents and files. You also want to create subfolders to organize Jira issues and match them with Google Drive folders since it will be used as the basis for all project deliverables.

To streamline this process, you can set up automation with Team Files and Jira Work Management, making a powerful combination to keep your Jira tasks in sync and organized with Google Drive folders.

We used Google Drive as an example for this use case. You can use this flow with any of storages supported by Team Files, like SharePoint or Dropbox.

New year, new marketing contract

The Project Manager of the marketing agency closed a new contract with the Client for monthly newsletters for their customers. The agency will provide the client with initial compositions provided by the Designer for feedback and final approval from the Client. After that, the Developer will implement the newsletter and schedule the release for the agreed-upon time with the Client.

The actors






Project Manager



The setup

The Project Manager confirms Team Files for Jira is installed, and the base Google Drive folder is shared with the Designer, Developer, and Client.

To activate the Team Files automation, the Project Manager:

  1. Creates a Jira Project and invites the other actors.
  2. Opens the Project Settings goes to apps, and clicks “Team Files”.
  3. Clicks the “There isn’t any active automation” line to open the automation panel.
  4. Activates the automation “Create and attach a folder to new issues”.
  5. Clicks the “Connect” button to select an automation folder.
  6. Selects the Agency’s Google Drive storage.
  7. Browses to the desired location and clicks the “New Folder” button.
  8. Enters the project name as the folder’s name and click “Save”.
  9. Selects the new folder.
  10. Clicks “Connect,” and in a few seconds, the automation is active.

This concludes the initial setup. The same flow applies to other supported storages.

Step by step guide
  1. Jane creates an issue for January’s newsletter, adds Robert’s indications in the description, and assigns the issue to Amy.
  2. Jane also clicks the Team Files icon to show the connected folder and uploads a document with the copy provided by Robert.
  3. Amy picks up the issue, sees the attached copy, and opens her favorite design app to create two compositions based on Robert’s request.
  4. With the compositions ready, Amy exports two PDF files directly to the issue folder in Google Drive.
  5. Amy opens the Jira issue again, and the PDF files are already there. She notifies Jane and Robert in the Jira issue comments and asks for feedback.
  6. Robert picks Composition A, asks for minor tweaks, and uploads a document with the final copy.
  7. Amy finalizes Composition A with Robert’s input and exports the PDF file with the final version to the issue folder.
  8. Robert reviews the final version and gives the approval for implementation.
  9. Amy exports the assets for development into a folder within the issue’s folder and notifies John that the newsletter is ready for development.
  10. John opens the issue to check the implementation details and uses the assets directly from Google Drive to implement the newsletter.
  11. John sends a test email to Jane and Robert.
  12. Robert approves the development and asks to have the newsletter released on the last Tuesday of the month.
  13. Jane confirms the release with John and closes the issue.
  14. On the agreed day, Robert’s customers receive the first issue of the new monthly newsletter.

A single source of truth for everyone

Using automation to create and attach folders to new issues is a great help to keep your project organized and accessible to everyone involved, from start to end.

With this flexible system, you can upload files to the attached folder in Jira, which become available in Google Drive, and you can create files in Google Drive that automatically appear in your issue. This avoids duplicate files and reviewing endless emails to find the right version. So you can focus your energy on creating great solutions for your clients instead of wasting time looking up files.

Getting started

The Team Files app is available on the Atlassian Marketplace, and you can start a free trial in a few clicks.

You can also check the Team Files documentation on Automation to learn more.

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